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Para-Touch™ by Vparanormal

EMF Para-Mic™ by Vparanormal

PS-SB7 Ghost Box

EVP Para-Field™ by Vparanormal

MEL-8704 EMF/Temp & K-2 EMF Meters

Para-TV™ by Vparanormal

Paracorder 667 by Moditronic

Contamination Reduction Methods for the P-SB7 Ghost Box

Full Spectrum SVP T700 by Moditronic

Para-Talk™ Modification to Transmit Investigator’s Voice as EMF

Bell & Howell S7 Night Vision Camera Review

Infrared Room Temperature Measuring Modification

360 Degree Rotation Platform by Vparanormal

Vparanormal Diode Shunt Used by Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures

Para-Talk™ by Vparanormal

How to Build and Test an 18” Parabolic Microphone

LED Infrared Light Modifications

Camcorder Rotation Platform by Vparanormal

Alien Grey Extraterrestrial Zeta Reticuli Footage Analysis

USB Based Raudive Entity Mic

“The Best Evidence from my Old House” - Analysis

Digital Recorder Based Raudive Entity Mic

Para-Touch™ and Para-Barometer™ by Vparanormal

REM-Pod-SSD Demonstration

Para-Shadow™ by Vparanormal

K2 Meter Audio Tap Modification

Konstantine Raudive EVP Diode Microphone by Vparanormal

REM-Pod-SSD Used as an EMF Touch Detector/Remote Trigger

Delta-Temp Para-Detector™ by Vparanormal

Dual Moving Charge Detector by Vparanormal

Custom Modified Geophone

Konstantine Raudive USB-based EVP Diode Microphone

Mobile Para-Lab™ by Vparanormal

World's First Para-Selfie™ by Vparanormal